Saturday, 28 February 2015

Canine Cuddles

Hello! It's been a while, time for a catch up again...

Last year we made a new friend...well a family of friends actually.

Shiloh and I arrived at Mum's one Saturday afternoon, and as we came in the door one very quick wee daschund slipped past us and raced inside! He was so cute and friendly with the most adorable little skin folds on his legs, we thought he was still a puppy and he was obviously lost. We went up and down the drive to see if anyone knew where he had come from but no one did, so we ended up ringing the council as we were worried he'd get hurt on the busy main road.

The next week Mum had a visit from his owner, along with our friend Harry, and his adoptive sister Emma. We were invited to visit their house to see the rest of the family too, so we went round the following weekend to meet all four of the little ones.

It turns out Emma was 3, Harry was actually 5, Henry was 16 and Indy was between Harry and Henry. Harry was well named for Houdini, apparently it wasn't the first time he'd snuck out, and we'd heard later it wasn't to be his last!

I caught this photo of Mum and Emma, and just love it.

I've actually used watercolour paper as the base for this layout and a soft wash of colour so as not to detract from the photo. And look - a slide mount! I've had that in my stash for about 12 years I think!
Plus my favourite Kaisercraft stamps for the edges, some pretty washi and vinyl hearts.
I love this look - what do you think?

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